Playground News

Updates on the Playground

Welcome to the special page dedicated to the refurbishment of the playground. We would like to keep the villagers up to date as to the way in which this has managed to come about. Although there has been a picture of the proposed way in which the site would be updated in the Entrance to the Pavilion, we thought that some pictures of the original playground and its progress over the next  week or so would be a good idea and of course then the finished article will be on the field for all to see!

We hope that you will be pleased with what has been chosen for  the playground in terms of equipment because last year when it was proposed to update the equipment consultation took place with members of the village  who would benefit from the improvements as they had children, or grandchildren. Although this seems like such a long time ago, we have been busy raising money so that the project could go ahead. This has proved to be a long and difficult process but we have raised through various means - listed below enough money to install most of the equipment envisaged. The picture of the right is the mock up of how the suppliers thought it would look. We are also hoping that including a picnic table will encourage families to meet and enjoy the facilities in the better weather from Spring onwards on the playing field.

Although a slight change had to made because we were unable to raise the money for the V.A.T. the essence of the plan is going ahead. So there will be two towers, swings, and mushroom seats, and a picnic table. We will continue to raise money for this project  in the future as well as for other projects to make our village a great place to live. We always need help for our fund raising events, and volunteering will make you a part of this. 

Our methods of raising money has varied from grants, such as lottery funds, Norfolk Community Fund, Tesco and Waitrose Community funds, to the committee holding events such as  a fashion show, car boot sale  and the summer fete.  We thank everyone who has contributed to making our village a  place to enjoy.